The Link Between Food Additives and Hyperactivity

Are Food Additives a cause of Hyperactivity?

In 2007, the well respected journal Lancet published a study funded by United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency which supported varying degrees of hyperactive behaviour in the children after they consumed fruit drinks containing mixture of food colourings and preservatives.

The additives are:

In the study, a group of 300 children were given one of three drinks – a potent cocktail of food additives, one containing roughly the average daily intake for a child their age or a placebo containing none.

Parents of children showing signs of hyperactivity are being advised that eliminating certain artificial food colours from their children’s diet may have some beneficial effects on their behaviour. Though simply taking these additives out of food will not prevent hyperactive disorders, there may be many other influences at work here, but at least a child can avoid this one. View article here from Food and Behaviour Research.


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