A Method That is Helping Allergy Sufferers Breathe Easier

Normal mattress cleaning removes only a small percentage of dustmite and their allergens.

Normal vacuuming alone is not an effective means to mattress cleaning and dust mite control. The dust mites tend to cling to the fabric fibres, resisting being sucked up into your vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuuming of the infested dust mites mattress and carpets has very little effect on the allergen levels.

Here at Mitey Fresh, we aim to effectively clean your home, office and accommodation facilities. Mitey Fresh mattress cleaning equipment cleans and treats not only mattresses, also carpets and soft furnishings in the home, office or motel efficiently and consistently, reducing respiratory, asthma and allergy triggers.

Mitey Fresh uses an advanced filtration system, high frequency agitation with commercial strength vacuum and at the same time it uniquely cleans the air. The air emitted is cleaner than that initially vacuumed.

At Mitey Fresh we firmly believe in investing in research and development of new services and products, offering customers services and products that work better and are satisfying to use. Because our system is designed to focus on all aspects of the in-door environment, the machine picks up more dirt and the fine dust particles down to 0.1 of a micron, creating a cleaner, healthier environment in which to live.

Traditional vacuum cleaners use bags, the air and dust enter the bag, the dust should remain in the bag and the air should leave via the pores. In reality the dust clogs the pores, the air cannot get out and the vacuum cleaner loses suction rapidly.

Since Mitey Fresh treatment uses such a specialised machine which has been tried and tested, the polluting weight of minute dust particles, dustmite, pollen, renovation dust, animal hair and dander is removed from your mattresses, carpets, furnishings and the air you breathe.


  • Carol Parr

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