Barefoot Building Biologist

Caveat: Healing in relation to sensitivities to my keyboard, mouse and screen. My story has options that may work for you.

February 2021

Bare foot, walking in a place with no bindis of course, I started in my own back yard, round and round. Exposed my solar panels to the morning sun, that is, my chest exposed to natural sunlight, front and back. 

Solar panels exposed

                                                                              Solar Panels exposed – SNAP – Same outfits 🙂

Then moved bare foot into a small paddock where I muck horse yards out. I’ve found this more beneficial than walking in my boots for the past 6 years.

Bare foot is mindful walking, your pace simply slows down, your breathng slows and your heart well, adjusts. Mucking out (moving piles of horse shit and old feed) brings on a bit of a sweat in spring and summer. I Shower.

Working outside for 3 hours – you would liken it to gardening – hands on tools, bit more physical, kicks up a bit of a sweat. I do this every day now as I found the symptoms kicked in, doing this I could turn down the symptom intensity or come back to normal stasis.

Bare Feet Building Biologist

                                                                                              Bare Foot Building Biologist

  • grounding to the earth bare feet,
  • exposing my solar panels for half an hour in the morning,
  • bathe in running water either at the beach, waterfall, shower temperature cool or warm,
  • high dose of vitamin C
  • outside in the cool breeze or a cool fan to move across your face and skin
  • totally separate yourself from mobile phones for 72 hours – minimum!

Meditation is next level with

  • yoga to calm your mind and body
  • fresh wholesome food to calm your tummy, but, hey,  reading this sounds cliche – I highlight ‘mindful’ of what you ingest – fresh food produce and filtered water.
  • sauna every week minimum – there is a new one coming onto the market in about 4 months without EMFs.


I’ve been healing in relation to sensitivities to my keyboard, mouse and screen with interesting EMFs in our community. My story has options that may work for you.

With love Carol 



Blushield is an active EMF protection technology designed to protect users from the health effects of man-made electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G and all other sources of EMF.

 May 2021

Hope all is well in your camp. Here there is always something happening. Headed bush out to Dorrigo, northern NSW …

3 contaminants in succession – hot chocolate, petrol fumes, small glass of red wine or perfumes wafting aimlessly  and that is it, brain inflamed, migraine and out for the count.

With this detox, no EMFs, sensitivity reduced to ‘I’m back to normal 😊

Back home, when I touched the keyboard, I could feel the EMFs sensation rise up onto my hands and up to elbows – like my hands and arms are wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap, buzzing with that feeling of knowing the wrap is there and you cant remove it.

Moved my hands away and the sensation continued, lowered in intensity, come close and could feel it wrap up again.

My pulse rate increased, heart beating through chest, shortness of breath, teeth starting to clench, thirsty as it as anxiety in body kicks in, all at low ebbs.I moved away and could sleep, however as the days progressed, my body was becoming more toxic and symptoms increasing up to prior away.

I was able to cope with this low ebb for up to about 3 weeks, then it intensifies. It feels like the symptoms come in at different points and at one point thought, where will it stop.

So Im away every month for 3 days, the month before at Tocal Field Day in a Billy Boiling Competition. So good for a first timer, 25 minutes.

Billy Boiling Competition

And last weekend down at the tiny township west of Batemans Bay, delivering clothing and much needed heaters to their township, goods from our community in aid of the bush fire devastation of a year back, taking out fencing, homes, livelihoods. All diffiuclt to replace and in very short supply. No timber around, resorting to metal posts and concrete, no homes, resorting to living in caravans. At time of going back in June 2021, 10 families without a caravan at bare minimum.

Bush Fire Devastation

                                                                                          Bush fire devastation of 2019-20.

Ive come back each time less sensitive, so it feels like it is the detoxing away from the city is helping me more so than the weekly no computers at home.

I do know that those monthly breaks don’t come quick enough by week 3. However I do walk with the horses every morning, helps with this weekly de-processing of EMFs in my body.


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