What Is The Best Material For Allergy Free Bedding?


There are no known allergies towards silk… it is literally 100% allergy-free! Why? The dustmite refuses to live in it. Silk is excreted from the silk worm gland and spinneret. No bug will live in another bug’s excretion! Silk is also the only fibre that is recognised to repel dust mites due to the protein fibroin, providing relief from dust mites allergy. No need to purchase dust mite covers to cover the silks.

Silk has for centuries been synonymous with excellence, opulence, durability and mystery. Once only available to nobility, it is highly treasured and appreciated for its smooth feel and gentle warmth. Silk doonas do not deteriorate or break down – high quality silk doonas last years and years.

Silk breathes. Body heat and moisture are not trapped like in other types of doonas, providing exceptional comfort for either warm or cool sleepers. It will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Best of all, a drier environment prevents dust mites, mould, mildew and bacteria breeding.

Silk doonas are light weight, up to half the weight of most quilts for the same amount of warmth, providing freedom and comfort with ease. You will notice they are very flexible, contouring to your body and giving you a very cosy, almost hugged feeling.

Only the highest grade of AAA raw silk is used. Durable and having a tensile strength greater than steel of the same thickness, silk lasts 3 to 4 times longer than down and yet, so soft and cuddly.

As silk is very smooth, it does not readily attract soil, making it very easy to clean. Avoid laundering your silk doona unless it is absolutely necessary.

The advantages are obvious! Silk wins for the best choice of allergy-free bedding, hands down.

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