Mitey Fresh Healthy Homes Review of 2019

Phew! What a year!

As 2019 winds up, and 2020 is upon us, we wanted to thank you for all of your support.

At Mitey Fresh, we never thought fresh air should get in the way of good health, so we’ve designed our network to help you and your family thrive.

And thrive you have! You guys are amazing! You’ve Mitey Freshed everything from mould on shoes to replacing scented candles with natural zeolite and fresh air, and your experience has been shared to family and friends, colleagues at work and back.

In fact, our supportive info has been shared so far, that together we’ve made it as far as healthy communities around Australia! And every step resulted in awesome, improved indoor air quality – giving a helping hand to your children, pets and the planet. Thank  you!

This was a big year

for sharing Mitey Fresh’s environmental philosophy. We sat side by side:-

  • with doctors talking about the environment, chronic inflammation and auto immune disease,
  • with building designers about ways to prevent condensation and mould, how to build in adequate waterproofing,
  • and how to build in hot climates with architects and builders.

We also sat with town planning students in how to plan for healthier buildings and towns, and showing our support for health and wellness in the work place.

Also a big year for us to design and build our healthy passive house from the ground up, passive for the environment, encompassing Building Biology Principles (Bau-biologie in Germany) and certified Passive House (Passivhaus in Germany). Both are relatively new in Australia, however like us, we believe when people learn more about this method of living and building, it will become the only way to live and to build. Our aim is to share our experiences, learnings and knowledge of key elements that go into building a biologically Healthy Home certified Passive House.

Well, the design part is there and ready. Our builder and his trades understand the project, walking with excitement in their step, to make the monumental leap in time.

The conventional challenges from local council just simply showed me we have to work with the top down approach and look for affordable housing partners in the small resi space, reluctance to change. Currently, multi resi space will benefit, at a higher cost to individual home owner developers. A reluctance to change maybe…

UPDATE: October 1st, 2020, Passive House Accelerator USA are so excited to hear that The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), commonly known as Fannie Mae, a US government-sponsored enterprise, aspires that it is a strength that passive house certifications are included as the world focuses on a low-carbon 2050 perspective, where the energy performance of buildings is expected to be improved, with passive and energy-contributing housing technologies and the energy performance of existing buildings greatly improved through refurbishments using passive.

Our mission

is to create the most natural and nurturing quality home, inside and out, with the lowest negative health and environmental impacts possible in the resi industry, without sacrificing health, resources, cost, durability and presence.

Our objective

is to replace ‘sick’ homes across Australia with our natural, resourceful homes built to support health, our planet, our hip pocket, to last and be removed without a burden to the land. The effect of this would be a dramatic reduction in toxicity, dampness, emfs, inad designs, as well as a cumulative reduction in VOC emissions, energy, water quality that contribute to poor indoor and outdoor air quality, depleted ozone levels, time and social wellness, and climate change. It would be healthier for our buildings’ occupants, for our children, for our environment and for the earth.

There are not many options left for politicians to take our climate back. We’re putting our hands up to say, hey, we can build homes fit for breathing and living, look here we are 🙂

Our approach

is an original way, a natural vision, a ubiquitous sense based on collaboration with nature and science. It is a vision that allows prosperity across communities to be achieved without doing harm to us, the environment, the earth.

We believe all building problems are solved by good design. Winston Churchill once said ‘We shape buildings, buildings shape us’.

However, we were pipped at the post at the eleventh hour heading way over what budget allowed. Restricted by $$ has put the project on hold till we find the building materials market grows up, in seeding material sources, and brings the building cost down without compromising the science of the home. Until then, we’ve seen few passive house projects succeed and we like to honour them here.

And so listening to your feedback

we’ve also worked hard to bring you the products that allow your homes and businesses to breathe easier, live easier, during this black bush fire season.

We’ve rolled along into sharing and improving our skills with our Building Biology colleagues: 5G, EMFs and mould testing, if you see it, you clean it, launched our ‘The Ultimate Guide to Your Healthy Home Checklist’, and dropped our postage rates to help with larger orders. Our monthly blog posts have grown larger in number again, and we’ve brought you more ways to learn with environmental solution resources.

We strive every day to contribute to our world, make Mitey Fresh the healthiest service it can be so you can give the health back to your family.

Thank you so much for all your support; here’s to a wonderful 2020!

Towards healthier living,


Mitey Fresh Healthy Homes Team


Would you like to check Passive House buildings out here in Sydney and Brisbane? Well, we are going to share them anyway 🙂

Sydney passive House

Blue Eco Homes

Brisbane Passive House

Taronga zoo link :


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