The Advantages of Allergy Testing at Home

For allergy sufferers, skin prick tests may be as unappealing as allergy symptoms – uncomfortable, irritating and even painful. A home allergy test, however, is an inexpensive and more pleasant way of determining what it is in your environment that may trigger these unpleasant reactions.

By sending a blood, hair or saliva sample to a lab, sufferers such as those with dust mites allergy can have themselves tested for 10 of the most common allergens including dust mite, pollens, moulds, dairy products and pet dander which make up 90 percent of allergies.

Results of simple home tests may help you decide which of the health professionals you need to consult. Even if you don’t come up positive to an allergy, there’s no guarantee that you don’t have allergies. Invariably, some patients who use the test to self-diagnose will make a change that will provide welcome relief from their allergy symptoms.

Your home, office or even your accommodation facility can also be tested for allergens. The symptoms you suffer may have already given you confirmation, but an environmental allergy test can determine the source of those allergies. You can then make lifestyle changes, providing welcome relief.

If you suspect that something in your home or office may be triggering allergic reactions, an allergy test kit can help to determine the source. It involves testing the dust in your home for common indoor allergens such as mould, pet dander, house dust mites, cockroaches and pollen.

The collection is then sent off for laboratory analysis. A House Dust Analysis report identifies which specific allergens were detected in the room sampled. You will also receive a data sheet showing how your allergen levels compare to the average home. This assessment will help you pinpoint problem areas and allows you to plan an effective, targeted avoidance plan in your home.

If you are looking toward cures for asthma, dust mite control is essential. Similarly, if you are allergic to pet hair, remove the cause, reduce the risk and the symptoms.


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