How the MAD Shopper Can Help You Live a VOC-Free Life

An interior design, styling and homewares business that Makes A Difference…That’s MAD for short.

They believe your home should feel good and look great without compromising your health or our beautiful planet.

Most furnishings and interior products are made using a toxic combination of chemicals that release VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) into our homes and workplaces, affecting the quality of the air we breathe and consequently our health.

With this in mind, the products that MAD stock, designers and manufacturers they work with and the decorating and styling methods they use all follow an ethical, environmental and sustainable ethos. You can sleep, play, work, relax or entertain knowing all the aspects of your home are free from toxic chemicals. You, your family and friends will benefit from a welcoming and healthy space.

If you’re looking for that something different to complement your home or want a whole new look they can do that for you. The MAD range changes all the time as most products are artisan made. The range includes: soft furnishings, bedding, furniture, frames, mirrors, ceramics, art, gifts and objects that are unique. Decorating and styling services can be done online or in your home.

To get you on the road to living a better life the MAD Shoppers are offering Mitey Fresh customers 2 exclusive offers:

  1. Ask any interior design question you have FREE, that’s right, NO CHARGE. Just mention ‘Mitey MAD’ in your email. It could be a question about the furniture arrangement in a room that doesn’t feel right to you or the colour you want to paint a room. You just want some confirmation you’re on the right track etc. It’s your choice! One question FREE!


  1. 10% discount on any product or service in the online shop. Mention the Code: Mitey 10


Both offers are valid until the 30th August 2014. And if you sign up to their newsletter, you have a chance to win a $50 gift voucher to spend in store.


  • Carol Parr

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