InovaAir E20 Review

The Innova Air Purifier E20 is a great investment for smaller rooms like your bedroom to larger rooms like open plan living. It’s a lot like THE Air Purifier, including activated carbon filter that clean the gases and fumes, and the HEPA filter that cleans the particulates, naturally wafting in the air.

The Innova Air comes with:

· Plastic-free, chemical-free all steel powder coated encasing.

· High efficiency Pre-filter

· Final stage activated carbon filter.

· High quality medical-grade HEPA filtration normally only found in efficient air purifiers.

You can start using it right out of the box. It’s a simple plug-and-switch on operation which is why I love Innova Air Purifiers so much.

1. First, admire the stylish, slick, easy to manage unit on castor wheels.

2. Roll the unit to your preferred room, placing it with its back just away from the wall.

3. Plug into a power point nearby, safely.

4. With the right side facing the room, just away from furnishings.

5. And finally, turn on the power supply to start cleaning your indoor air. The air purifier will run until you shut it off.

Once the Innova Air is finished cleaning, switch off. At this point, you can move the unit to another room and start up again, or leave in its place till when you need it next, ready to go. It’s that easy.


Innova Air Purifier E20

Designed to meet the needs of an indoor environment’s dust, allergen, VOC, mould and pollution load, it helps purify contaminated, stagnant air while offering enriched, healthy air and satisfying occupants’ instinctual needs.

If you have a home that’s a bit smaller, and don’t need the oomph and power of an Innova Air E20, then I recommend you go with the Innova Air E8.

Also, it can filter the air particles down to 0.3 microns, so it’s like having an extra air filter cleaning around your home. You should get one. 


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