Is House Keeping Creating Issues?

Identification, evaluation, prevention and remediation of dust and or dust mite issues within the indoor environment ensures healthy buildings, homes, workplaces and healthy, happy occupants.

If you …

Have a little know who and know how about dust mites, this will go a long way to co exiting allergy free with them.

House dust mite (HDM) feed off mould spores and transport them on their bodies. Studies observed they have fungal food preferences, defining Alternaria alternata, Cladosporium sphaerospermum, and Wallemia sebi as “tasty” moulds and Penicillium chrysogenum, Aspergillus versicolor, and Stachybotrys chartarum as “repulsive” moulds.

Identify and address the source of dust, dust mites and moulds by assessing, discarding and / or removing soft furnishings.

You can … 

You can …

Substitute items or process for one of lesser risk

  • Natural materials such as natural latex, unbleached cotton, silk, hemp
  • Synthetic polyester fill pillows and doonas – preferable for cooler climates
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, silk – preferable and especially for warmer climates
  • Silk doonas here at our Mitey Fresh store, a mindful addition to your bedding see how here:
  • Washable pillows (designed by Mitey Fresh and manufactured in New Zealand the Aller Protect Adjustable Pillow specifically for reducing dust and dust mites whilst sleeping) Check out how they work at our store:
  • Hard surface flooring such as timber, lino or tiles
  • Washable rugs on floor, preferably natural materials such as wool, mixtures with with polys, cotton.
  • Window coverings range vertical, thin material blinds
  • Hard surface furniture range, timber is preferred, ensure easy cleaning and no issues with EMFs as potentially may be experienced with metal.
  • Cotton filling furniture range, ensure breathing and skin sensitivities are calm and no issues with volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde of gassing as potentially may be experienced with synthetics.
  • Open shelves and reduce clutter ensure easy cleaning

Dust mite control is essential in minimizing exposure managing symptoms.

You can engineer … 

  • Improve ventilation by opening doors and windows
  • Improve air flow by not storing belongings under beds
  • Improve indoor humidity between 50% to 55% Relative Humidity with dehumidifier.
  • Improve natural light by installing skylight
  • Improve air quality in non-ventilated room operating an air purifier.
  • HEPA filter vacuum with power head.
  • Open windows and doors encourage good ventilation every day
  • Open curtains every day encourage natural light
  • Regular weekly washing of bed clothes, hot wash potentially kills and removes dust mites, faeces and dust ensures reduced exposure to allergens
  • Isolate by encasing pillows, mattresses doonas in tested, totally zippered dust mite proof encasings
    Refer to Mitey Fresh online store here
  • Keep bed unmade, your kids will love you for this😊
  • Storing keep sakes in storage tubs.

You can administer …  

  • Wash rugs and curtains, drying in the hot sun light, regularly reduces dust and allergens
  • The few stuffed toys freeze weekly potentially kills dust mites
  • Damp dusting (as opposed to dry dust) with microfibre cloth traps particles weekly removes dust, pollen, mould spores allergen load. Need a hand to dusting? Check out this cool video:
  • Take shoes off outside home before entering, wear washable socks and / or slippers inside.

Vacuum Cleaners with Power Head and HEPA filters:

  • Filter Queen Order by phone only: Nev – 07 4687 6389 or 0407 165 617
  • Sauber Intelligence SI-200 $1600 Godfreys
  • Hoover Regal Bagged or Bagless $1000
  • Hoover Allergy Bag or Bagless $700 Godfreys

Recommendations to specifically address vacuuming

  • Vacuuming is an essential part of reducing dust, mould, bacteria, dust mites and ultrafine particles. Bag & pre-filter protects motor from dust
  • Replace HEPA filter according to manufacturer instructions however recommend every 3 months for occupants suffering from asthma and allergies
  • Replace bag after each clean, removes dust from home and avoids breeding bacteria, dust mites and more.
  • Empty bag away from sensitive occupants.
  • Wear a PP2 face mask whilst emptying barrel, dispose of thoughtfully in garbage bin.
  • Ask someone less sensitive to clean bag for you.

You can …

Get started with the foundation of cleaning, read about it here: and together with Tony we created your in home Mitey Fresh Service. 
Mitey Fresh – Contact Tony Parr – 9986 432 or 0411 89 66 50. Removing ground in dirt, dust and dust mites from carpets, mattresses and soft furnishings without chemicals, moisture or steam and more.

  • In order to prevent exposure to dust and dust mites whilst cleaning your vacuum cleaner, wear a PP2 particulate filter mask or / and ask someone else who is less sensitive to empty the vacuum.
  • Check those suffering from Dust and Dust Mite symptoms to ensure the trigger has been reduced or eliminated and improve measures taken.

You will …

Find dust mite control can be challenging.

Minimising dust mite allergen exposure is recommended by your practitioner, Building Biologists, major Australian (Asthma NSW) and International Asthma and Allergy Medical opinion leaders to provide significant relief from dust mites, asthma and allergies.


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